Cano Jewelry es una famosa marca de joyería colombiana conocida por sus reinterpretaciones únicas

de arte y artefactos precolombinos descubiertos por la familia a fines del siglo XIX.  



The Cano Family's fascination with Pre-Columbian cultures began in the late 19th Century,

when Nemesio Cano uncovered important archeological sites filled

with gold treasures. His discoveries ignited a passion for collecting indigenous artifacts

that was passed on to his sons Jose and Felix and later on to his grandson Guillermo.



Along with his son, Jose, the Cano family became pioneers in the conservationist movement

of Colombian heritage. They dedicated much of their life to the search of pre-columbian treasures and to the understanding of the historical value in such pieces



Guillermo Cano,  was born in Caldas, Colombia.

He would lead the Cano’s third generation questfor Pre-Columbian heritage.



The tradition continued through Guillermo, who was captivated at an early age

with the discovery of native burials. Nemesio, José, Félix and Guillermo Cano's

interest for indigenous cultures, eventually led them to furnish

the Gold Museum with a third of its world known collection.



The Gold Museum collection was founded with the mission

to preserve  and protect the national archeological heritage.



Guillermo Cano and his wife Dory de Cano opened their first Jewelry boutique in Bogota, Colombia

to share for the first time pre-Columbian reproductions casted in the same lost-wax process used by these civilizations.



Guillermo Cano inaugurates a private museum founded to contribute to the forging

of Colombia’s national identity with over 4,000 ceramic pieces

and over 50,000 pre-Columbian carved stones collected by the Cano family. 



The exhibition ‘From the land of El Dorado’ opens at NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY,

 Explorers Hall, at Washington D.C., displaying Cano collection of pre-columbia artifacts.



The Cano family´s mission was to make Colombians value their national identity, value their heritage, and
to promote the pre-Columbian craft and culture around the world.

Cano was honored to be included in the Metropolitan Museum Shop in New York.



National Geographic featured Cano in its GOLD, THE ETERNAL TREASURE naming him

the goldsmith who duplicates masterworks from the past thanks to his Lost-wax technique mastery.




Exhibit of "Cano Replicates of the Tairona and Muisca Peoples Artifacts" at the California Academy of Sciences.




Los Angeles Museum of Natural History displays the Cano collection amongst a $45 Million collection

the 20 most important emeralds ofthe 1980’s and astonishing pre-Columbian gold artifacts.



Guillermo Cano was named Honorary Gold Member of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY.

Cano exhibited the family's collection in the National Geographic New York Headquarters.


Luis Alberto Cano, the fourth generation Cano continues the family tradition and opens his first boutique in Medellin, Colombia.

Luis Alberto is a goldsmith graduated from the prestigious GoldSchmiedeschule in Pforzheim, Germany.



Since the 1900's the Cano family has contributed to the Gold Museum Collection bringing over

10,000 Pre-Columbian gold pieces sold to El Banco de la República.  



Cano continues to export Colombia's Heritage, to Italy, France, Spain, USA, Mexico and Chile.


A Cano gift highlights Colombian heritage and our pre-Columbian cultures ancestral work. That is why Cano has always
been a traditional choice by Presidents for guest of honor or state visits.



Cano became the exclusive goldsmith authorized to replicate the GOLD MUSEUM COLLECTION.



Cano was commissioned by the British Museum to do the replicas of the master

pieces in their “Beyond El Dorado: power and gold in ancient Colombia”.



The Colombian President, Juan Manuel Santos chose Cano jewelry as the gift for Queen Elizabeth.

EDUARDO CANO, now the 5th Generation of the Cano family continues with the tradition and leads the international expansion.


May the quest of el dorado live on