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Our Processes


Each piece has a unique rubber mold which is hand made and taken from the original pieces or designs.

Wax injection

Once the mold has been selected it is injected with hot wax and examined by the artisan.

Wax polish

The artisan later manually adds and removes wax from the piece to achieve fidelity to the original design.

Wax tree

Prior to casting all wax pieces are placed on a wax tree.

Plaster covering

Each wax tree is introduced into a cylinder which is later cover in plaster, after it has built a solid mold it is heated causing the wax to melt and drain out of the cylinder support, thus the "lost-wax" name.


The melted Brass is poured-in to penetrate every part of the cavity and it is spun on a centrifuge in order to make sure the metal covers all space.

Plaster cleaning

After casting, the cooled metal piece is broken from the plaster mold and cleaned to be polished.

Vibrators polishing

The pieces are placed inside a polishing vibrator in a process of smoothing out their surface.


The pieces are polished to remove all imperfections and give smooth finishes to the piece.


The pieces are soldered to add different systems and given their finished touch of craftsmanship.

Gold plating

A 24k gold plating is given to each piece under the Cano mastered techniques giving each a gold-matte finish to replicate the intense gold color of the original piece.


The final pieces are washed and dried for a final stage of assembly and packaging to be sent to retail stores.

A Cano jewel

Many hours of hand labor in producing each piece and a new Cano piece is born carrying all its historical value and mastered craftsmanship.


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